Top 5 Mistakes Board Candidates Make

If the recruiter looked through your resume and invited you for an interview, then you have already successfully passed the initial selection. Since they decided to meet with you, your education and work experience is quite satisfactory for the employer.

Feel free to interview! Be yourself and avoid common mistakes that tend to be made due to over-anxiety.

Expression of inadequate attitude to the vacancy

Interviewers can easily distinguish how you feel about the job offered to you. Because of the excitement, many may show indifference or vice versa – excessive enthusiasm for what is happening.

Neither of these is worth doing. A moral indifference to work can cause a logical question: why are you even interviewing for this vacancy? Excessive enthusiasm can also hurt – of course, the position of a leader is very desirable. However, it would help if you did not jump out of your pants. Behave calmly, and talk in words about your fears and expectations.

Excessive modesty

Being a manager in a large company is an important position that involves a lot of responsibility and requires many skills. So, feel free to talk about yourself during the interview. Only from you can your potential employers learn about your key qualities.

Tell us about your skills, even those not directly related to your position. After all, the devil is in the details: perhaps this case will open you to the employer from the right side.

Too long tongue

Interviews for a managerial position will be fraught with difficult and unpleasant questions. Your task is to provide adequate and correct answers while demonstrating the appropriate level of professional competence.

The higher the managerial position you are offered, the more serious the questions will be. Therefore, try to answer honestly, succinctly, briefly, and to the point. Do not play around or answer the wrong question you originally asked.

Lies about your own experience

Believe: experienced employers will easily understand if you lie somewhere about your qualifications. Therefore, it is better to answer all questions with utmost honesty immediately. This applies to both soft skills and your professional competencies.

If there is something you do not know or have not done before, then it is better to report it right away. Learning is not a shame.

Talk about future wages

The question of the manager’s salary is a very delicate one because a high-class manager cannot cost the company mere pennies. Therefore, before communicating with your employers, find out how much they earn in similar positions and what amounts are offered to people with your competencies.

Be prepared for the fact that the future employer will ask you to argue why you deserve this salary. Know all your strengths and professional qualities. Be persuasive.

Sometimes, at first, the employer offers a lower salary than you expect. Do not rush to refuse the offer: perhaps in the future, you will find a significant increase in wages and additional bonuses. All this should also be clarified in advance.

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